Koenma's Shrine
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Who is Koenma?
Koenma is the Prince of Rekai...His Mafuuka in his mouth, heals, seals demons so they can't hurt anyone, creates dimensions and barriers...

His name: Ko-child...Enma-Ruler of Hades, he is the JR. ruler of Hades *That's why he has the tattoo of JR. on his forehead!*

Teenage Koenma
I think he's a helluva lot more attractive in this state than a toddler!

His Blast
He has enormous power, especially after he takes that pacifier thing outta his mouth!

And so he sits

Who are they?
If you don't know by now...Botan and Teenage Koenma!

The Gang

"Wait a sec!.....You're Koenma's older brother!"-Yusuke..."As far as I know, Koenma doesn't have an older brother, and I should know, I am Koenma"-Teenage Koenma