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Kazuma Kuwabara

Kuwabara Kazuma: He thinks he tough sugar but he hates when he's up against Urameshi because he always gets beat...

Kuwabara loves Yukina and will do anything for her. In the spirit detective saga, the Rescue Yukina part, it takes everything you have not to just think he's stupid...of course that could be proven...

Kuwabara may be stupid but when it comes to his friends, he will do anything for them. Okuba, his friend, early in the series had a job and Kuwabara swore he wouldn't fight anyone AND make higher than a 50 on the exam...he did both.

Kuwabara has a strict code of honor and it isn't just because of school. Kuwabara will stand up for anyone who needs it and will fight until he can't stay conscious...actually, he fights afterwards.

Kuwabara is a great guy, no matter what anyone says. He may be the stupidest person in all of anything, but he's a sweetheart and a great, loyal friend...so it really doesn't matter. I'd be his friend if that says anything ^_^''


Kuwabara loves Yukina!

Can't wait to see when or if he learns that she's Hiei's, aka to him: Shorty's, sister!


He's such a sucker...

For kitties! MEW! YAY!



Kuwabara Kazuma

His chosen weapon, the Spirit Sword *s*

This is classic:

"I'm Kuwabara Kazuma...and I've got a sword!"...yay!


"Hiei, you're a real mean person and you say a lot of mean things...but deep down, I know you're a great guy."-Kazuma Kuwabara...aws! Who's knew?!