Yukina's Mini Shrine
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Yukina, the ice maiden
Yukina is a very warm hearted demoness...is it just me, or is it strange how Hiei is a cold demon while Yukina is the ice demoness...and she is the warm hearted one, and her twin brother, Hiei is the fire demon? ^.^ coincidence? The one thing Hiei would never do is hurt Yukina on purpose...he has restrained himself many times for her sake!

Manga Scan
I think this is the best pic yet I have found on the net, it is on numerous websites.
She looks so sad
I'm not sure why though
I think this is when she was captured and locked up for her tears right before Hiei saved her...along with the rest of the gang...they basically cleared the way
She's so innocent
That's what I love about her...she's so sweet. She even stopped Hiei from killing a man that was going to sell her tears/gems on the black market...the man said that he would give Hiei some a share of the money he got back...Now, for Yukina to stop Hiei from that...he's gotta love her more than life itself! I wouldn't even stop...that was the wrong thing to say to Hiei...
She looks a bit frightened in this pic
I swear!
I think her connecion with nature is through birds! She loves them so much, maybe it's because they are free to move around as much as they please and not be captured and feel hurt so much as in emotions...I dunno, but I have had these thoughts!
The Poltergeist Report

Rayko blasted her with his 'Jagan' and she was knocked unconscious. She was trying to protect Botan...When Hiei found out it was him...oh boy was he pissed! In the Movie, "Yu Yu Hakusho: The Poltergeist Report," it was very neat how Hiei could see Yukina being thrown into the wall...It was sad, yes, but the way the images flashed was awesome! Besides...Yukina doesn't have to worry about Rayko anymore.

"Please stop...if you kill him, that would only cause more pain, and I just couldn't bare it."-Yukina to Hiei when he came to save her from the *black market boss*