Yusuke's Shrine
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Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke is a juvenile delinquent, but this doesn't matter later on in the series...at least after he saves a young boy from a car accident. He was not supposed to die then, so Koenma gave him a second chance...he would have to hatch a spirit egg, but he threw the egg into the fire to save Kayko/Keiko...then Koenma saw this as a great sacrifice and gave Yusuke one more chance...but here's the catch, he had to get someone in the living world to kiss him before midnight or it would take another 50yrs for his body to get that spirit energy back up! Luckily Kayko got the message...and so the story begins!

Spirit Gun!
Urameshi's main attack and defense mechanism!

Yusuke Urameshi


Happy New Years!
This didn't really happen, it's just an extra


*Great Kiss*
Right after Kayko kissed him for him to be alive again


Team Urameshi


The Gang


I love this pic...


Here is the REAL Team Urameshi

"Please wait for me...I will come back"-Yusuke to Kayko/Keiko