Botan's Mini Shrine
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A real chipper!
Botan is a hyper girl in the anime world!

For a grim reaper, she's really happy, most of the time. She is a great friend and incredibly loyal!
She helps the team immensely
She has been with Yusuke from the beginning when he first, they are just friends! She is the one that tells Yusuke his assignments
Koema and Botan
This is one of the best pics I have found on the net! This is the *teenage form* of Koema
I think they would make a cute couple!
Am I alone? I think Botan and Koema...the teenage one lol...would make a great couple! Just look at them!
Numero Uno!
Yes, Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho is #1
Anyone wanna refresh my memory on why she has 3 fingers up?
Looking for the Tournament
Even though she is hyper-active, she can be quite serious

"Bingo! You are correct!"-Botan