Yoko Kurama's Mini Shrine
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Kurama's True Form
This form is not shown much but he is very famous!

Kurama looks a lot different than his fox form, but they are one and the same
Yoko is a fox!
Literally! I saw the episode where Kurama traveled back into his childhood...unfortunately for his opponent, he traveled farther! Yoko is ver cold-hearted, but true to his word. He has never forgotten anything and he keeps promises...what a FOX!
He is attractive
But, in the tournament, when his fight was over, I could've smacked that one Kitsune annoucer! Basically...
"Wow! My dreams have come true! There is a hot fox with a great tan down there!" When Yoko turned back into Kurama...
"Hey! Where'd my fox go? Now instead of the tanned hot fox, there is pale, unattrative Kurama! There goes my weekend!" *Can you believe her! grr!*

"Seems that you're little box did the job too well..."-Yoko