Kurama's Mini Shrine
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This is the shrine where he appears human
Kurama is a very solemn character. He keeps to himself, but is very loyal to those he considers friends.

  Kurama I believe that Kurama's best friend is Hiei, but don't look too far into that. Some have said that they are gay, but I believe that both are straight...all the way!

Black and White is good!
  His past Kurama's true form is a *spirit fox*. He was a thief and when he was badly injured, he fled to the human world. There he was raised by a human family as their own. He learned how to love with them and he is very loyal to them, especially his mother. In the Tournament, one demon threatened to kill her, Kurama was pissed...no that's an understatement. He planted a seed in the demon's heart and it bloomed into beutiful flowers, the demon died and his mother was saved

Don't you just hate shading!
  He still has his true form He shows his true form later in the series.

Kurama with his true form, Youko in the background

"My true name is Youko, I was a fox, a spirit fox"-Kurama to Yusuke