Hiei-chan's Mini Shrine
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Welcome to Hiei's mini shrine
I have surfed the web for some great pics of him and I have finally found some! If you see a pic that was on your site and for some odd reason, I didn't ask you for it, email me and I'll give you credit or take it off...you choose

His name: Hiei means *flying shadow* but if you break it down even more...*Hi* means fire!

I love this pic
It is very rare to find a pic like this, I have searched high and low, and only found this on one site
  Ain't he great?
Hiei *the forbidden child* is a fire apparition *demon.* His mother, Koorime, could not keep him, so her friend, Hina threw him off their world. He has a twin sister, Yukina, who he finds later on in the series, but never tells her he is her brother...perhaps to save her from crying because she never knew about him...one thing Hiei would NEVER do, is make Yukina cry. He loves her too much *yes, i said loves* (but I think he didn't tell her because he didn't think that he was worthy enough to have her as a sister, that he would cause her shame)

He's always so smug
Hiei is a very *smug* character. He is very satisfied with how he is. He is very proud and the last to ask for help. In the Martial Arts Tournament, he was badly injured by using the Black Dragon Flame with the Jagan Eye, his right arm *the one he uses for his sword* was severely hurt. He walked into the forest alone and tried to use it. Thank Kami-sama *God*, Kurama had followed him because he eventually was in trouble. Had Kurama not been there to help him, Hiei would have surely died.

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What are in his thoughts?
That is the ? of the millenia! No one really knows what Hiei thinks about, but we all know he thinks a lot about Yukina. His thoughts are greatly troubled but he never shows these emotions. There was this one time when Yukina was captured. When Hiei got to her, the boss *someone of the black market* was trying to sell Yukina's tears *they turn into priceless gems*. The boss offered to share his wealth from the tears with Hiei...BAD MOVE! Hiei was furious. The only thing that stopped him from killing that man was Yukina's plea to stop. She said that would only cause more suffering.

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I love him
Hiei looks mostly like this in the anime. He always has *that* look upon his face, but he does listen and take Kurama's advice.

Hiei, in my opinion, has a connection with rain. He is one to let things just pass. If you get on his good side, you'll only receive a slight drizzle when he is angry at something, but if you piss him off, prepare your umbrella!

"I was on your side since before this match. I guarantee you, I will remain on your side to the end"-Hiei to Kuwabara Kazuma...he never indicated when the "end" was...and it's scary how he was the one to say this to Kuwabara!