Genkai's Mini Shrine
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She is a very powerful psychic. Even though she appears to be an *old hag* as Yusuke refers to her as, she is a lot more powerful than many of the characters of YYH, including Yusuke, her student, until she gives him her orb. I love her sense of humor out of all the characters of YYH. She has the most sarcasism in all and that is what makes her a fave character of mine. I love anime characters that have sarcasism or a cold hearted attitude, but really have a heart-of-gold *i.e. Hiei* When she is fighting, she channels her energy with a high-powered attack and becomes the form she was when the attack was her case, a young Yusuke's, he is at his peak now. I had someone email me telling me that I made a few mistakes on the quotes so I changed them...and I added 2 pics, hope you don't mind Ed.

Her in her younger form
She appears very young in this pic, but really, she's 60+ yrs old! But in her younger form, she is very pretty
Seen through the Eyes of Toguro
Toguro and Genkai were once an item...but now they are fighting against each other in the Martial Arts Tournament
Young and Old
I like this collage, it shows how she has changed in her years
Great Collage
I really do like it

Great Lighting Effects

"Winner, the Dimwit"

"Those you won, please follow me, those who lost, please get lost"

"Anything for you Yusuke. You have passed my final test."-Compliments of Ed 


 "You really surprised me, Yusuke. I was almost certain I had killed my favorite dim witt..."-Compliments of Ed

"He looks so young, lying there... And I was so blind."-Compliments of Ed 


"After all that trouble trying to find the perfect student... I killed him."-Compliments of Ed

This, I believe is the best pic of her on this page
Besides the first one on top
She's so young in these pics!

Yusuke, his spirit beast, Puu, and Genkai
Compliments of Ed

Another pic of Genkai
Compliments of Ed

"Oh, I must have forgotten to put in my hearing aid. When you become a washed up old lady like me, the memory is the first to go!"-Genkai, Compliments of Ed ^_^