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14 yr old deliquent...spirit detective...is in love with Kayko/Keiko but won't admit it...just yet ^_^, has died and been revived...

Hiei and Kurama

Hiei: Fire demon...thief...turns good...very fast...twin sister, Yukina, who he loves dearly...best friend is probally Kurama, has a Jagan Eye (a third eye on forehead that helps him find anyone in given distance...but very far distance)

Kurama-a demon, but is disquised as a human...spirit fox is his true form...his chosen weapon is the rose thorn whip, also known as Yohko Kurama (demon), Shuichii (human)

Kuwabara Kazuma
Kazuma...*Kuwabara*-hot tempered tall teen...good friend of Yusuke, but probally wouldn't admit it until they went off to the tournament...his chosen weapon is the spirit sword (s), is in love with Yukina, yes...Hiei's sister and he nor she knows that Hiei is her brother...kinda funny

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"I won't make you cry anymore..."-Hiei to Yukina